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The background of all personnel is screened over a period of 20 years or back to school leaving age. Employment is not offered where even the smallest of unaccountable gaps exists in the applicant’s background. Security West believes that people in the 30 - 55 age bracket are more likely to combine a sense of responsibility with a good balance of authority and tact and recruitment is normally within this age group.


All security officers are provided with uniform and accoutrements made of good quality materials.

Rotation of Guards

Once accepted by the client, a guard is only removed or rotated in consultation with the client or during holidays, sickness and promotion.


Each new security officer is given a basic knowledge security course on joining which is given by the company’s Training Manager and is then given on site training by the Operations Manager. This is linked to close monitoring by the Supervisor responsible for that site. Thereafter he will receive continuation training on site by his Supervisor and is appraised at regular intervals by the Training Manager. All guards have SIA Licences.

Career Development

Opportunities exist for security officers to progress through the salary structure and with increasing experience, to be considered for promotion to the ranks of Supervisor and Assistant Operations Manager.


Security officers working on all sites at night and during a weekend are required to maintain hourly contact with their Operational Control Room. Non-receipt of this call results in a check call from the Control Centre to the assignment and, where necessary, this is followed up by a visit from a duty supervisor or, on a serious emergency, by one of the on-call Operations Managers. Each Operational Centre has a fully manned 24 hour Control Room and its own dedicated management and supervisory team. Indeed Security West is proud to be one of the few manned service companies offering this high level of control and supervision. A quick response to any emergency situation is therefore well within the company’s capability.


All incidents on a static guarded site are recorded on the guard’s occurrence sheet, however trivial they may appear at the time, and all insecurities are reported direct to the Control Room for a supervisor to decide if the insecurity is one for an emergency contact to be raised from his bed or not. A copy of the guard’s occurrence sheet is left on site, when the guard’s tour of duty is complete, for the client’s immediate use. The client may then ascertain what has occurred on his site as soon as he commences work and therefore results in no delay. Incidents of a minor and trivial nature occurring on a site visited by a mobile guard are recorded by the guard and transcribed the following morning by qualified typists. A report of the week’s findings is then dispatched to the client in a sealed envelope marked ‘Private and Confidential’. Occurrences other than minor ones are dealt with in the same manner as with a static guard.


Employers Liability
£10 million liability

Public Liability (including contractual liability and efficacy) Indemnity
£2 million Efficacy £1 million

Fraud and Dishonesty of Employees
Indemnity £25,000

Loss of Keys (consequential loss of keys)
Indemnity £10,000 Efficacy £10,000

Wrongful Arrest Indemnity

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