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There is an old adage which says that ‘a chain is as strong as its weakest link’ - this is as true today as it ever was, especially in the field of security. Security locks are a rapidly developing part of the whole security system. Making a building properly secure is not just a simple matter of fitting an apparently secure lock to a door and then sitting back and thinking nobody can get in - they can.

Doors and locks go together - there isn’t much point in having a very expensive burglar proof lock on a door that can be kicked down. Having locks that are stronger than the door is no security, you might as well leave the door open. Sometimes with modern doors there is the problem of gaps between the door and the frame which would render a deadlock ineffective. Only experience can tell you which lock is suited to which type of door and that is the sort of experience that we can offer you. Remember, a security lock has to be considered as part of the whole security plan, a thorough knowledge of all types of security needs is essential - and we can supply that as well as the locks, fitted by our own skilled locksmiths.

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